Nationwide is a building society which issues Visa credit cards. They offer low introductory balance transfer rates, commission free purchasing abroad and reasonable APRs. There are no rewards offered, although they have recently introduced the Comic Relief credit card. With this card, every time you make a purchase over £6, Nationwide will make a donation to Comic Relief. The APR offered on this card is higher than on their other cards.

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  1. Brendan Mcloughlin says:

    Nationwide gold card is one of the few real status symbols left in the mainstream credit card market where every other provider hands out gold and platinum cards to just about anyone even if your address is 14 Bad Credit Avenue!

    I am proud to have one and this is also my number one card to use when abroad because of the really competitive foreign exchange rates and absence of fees for conversion. If they offered cash back I would use it in the UK too.

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