Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley cards are issued by MasterCard and offer exceptional incentives, including 10% off car insurance when you apply for the card. There is a special card for those who travel greatly, which offers airmiles points when you use the card, and other cards provide cash back rewards. The APRs are reasonable, and introductory balance transfer rates are offered, although with a handling fee included. The reputation of the company will often sway people to choosing the cards, which will only be offered to those with exceptional credit ratings.

One response to “Morgan Stanley”

  1. Brendan Mcloughlin says:

    I have a Morgan Stanley Platinum and use it for my main credit card to do every day purchases. They have a sensible lending criteria that isn’t too lax or too tight either but lets you build up a history and your limits based on affordability.

    I don’t like they way they keep sending through balance transfer cheques but quite a few cards do that so it’s not that annoying.

    Cashback is good though and as long as they keep that this will remain my preferred card for spending.

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