This well-advertised company, which works in conjunction with MasterCard, offers great introductory offers, although the fixed APR is nothing special at 16.9%. The offers include travel insurance and airmiles, as well as discounts at selected online shops.

2 responses to “Mint”

  1. John Rogers says:

    I used Mint for a balance transfer last December and have been charged a fee of £11.86 since. This charge will remain unless I cancel my account.

  2. Brendan Mcloughlin says:

    Mint is the RBS card now I think and I got one of these for a balance transfer after I had used the initial 0% they haven’t come up with any good repeat offers since instead preferring to try and convert you to a loan so it’s ok initially but not that great a card overall.

    I thought the design of the lower end card with the corner chopped off was novel but apparently they don’t work in a lot of the automated machines like Odeon cinema ticket collections and in the petrol station forecourts. I have not verified that though as I went for the platinum one which is just normal shape.

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