Marks Spencer

The high-street store Marks & Spencer offers a credit card issued by MasterCard. It has a low APR and balance transfer rate, but the main perk is that you will earn money off at Marks and Spencer every time you use the card, so is ideal for avid users of the shop. You can also earn points to use against holidays and can get commission-free currency exchange when you use the card.

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  1. Jake says:

    Very good card if you have a big credit card bill that you are paying off over time. I have £6000 on a card which had been going to 17.9% APR. But I got an M&S card and switched it to that and they have a lifetime interest rate of only 3.9%. That’s amazing really and I did not have to pay a charge to transfer the balance to it (sometimes the balance transfer can be 2% or more which would have cost me £120).

    This is definitely a card worth considering.

  2. Brendan Mcloughlin says:

    Amazing for getting 0% offers I got 4 in a row a total of 30 months 0% offers with M&S every time it ended I transferred to a different card and then asked them if I could come back at 0% again and they always had a new 0% offer.

    Nice if you like M&S points too I guess although I have only used this card for balance transfers I think the max limit they give is 15k.

  3. GAIL HANNAH says:

    Dont use a marks and spencer credit card if you are ever likely to have to contact them. It is impossible to understand the operators and they seem totally unable to resolve simple problems. It’s opk if everything’s going well and you never need to contact them

  4. Elizabeth Gibson says:

    Just got in touch with Marks and Spencer credit card – always use the phone number for those calling from abroad as this gets you straight through. They have cancelled my current credit card (expires in one week – next Friday 31 August). There is a new one in the post!!!!! ABSOLUTELY USELESS. Not my fault that the automatic replacement originally sent in June never arrived, so they have cancelled it and my current card. Not worth the hassle. Will use the Halifax in future.

  5. Maurice Stack says:

    Please advise whether I can cancel M & S Credit Card for a friend with Parkinson’s disease. Phone access attempts always advise “High Call Volumes”.

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