Halifax offers a variety of cards, including charity, balance transfer and partner cards. They all offer low APR and balance transfer rates, but relatively few rewards on their normal credit cards, as they offer separate cards for Marriott rewards as well as an iPoints loyalty card.

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  1. Matt Kay says:

    Customer service is atrocious! I spoke to 12 different people, my card was stopped for security reasons because I topped up my mobile on Vodafone!! They treated me disgustingly……if you want to be talked down to and treated like a 3rd class citizen, get a goldfish!!!

  2. Brendan Mcloughlin says:

    I had an amazing lock in rate from Halifax. Back in 2003 when 0% offers were all the rage, someone in their marketing department decided to do something silly and offer a rate of 3.9% p.a. on balance transfers until they were paid off.

    I transferred in 15k straight away and I am still paying it back now on minimum repayments I have just over 9k left.

    This rate actually beats my mortgage deal and you can’t say fairer than that for unsecured credit.

    Who gives you extra! they certainly do! Bravo Halifax.

  3. Hannah Shanks says:

    I got a great deal from Halifax when I was transferring a balance. They offered 12 months interest free balance transfer and 12 months free on purchases too which is pretty unusual. It meant that I could pay the balance off without having to worry about interest stacking up and if I needed the card to make the odd purchase during the year, I knew I wouldn’t be stung with huge charges.

    Customer services are really good at Halifax too, I never have any trouble getting hold of anyone on the phone if I need to. I mostly use the online banking facility though and find that easy and convenient to use.

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