First Direct

First Direct is a division of HSBC, and issues a small number of cards from Visa. These cards are suitable for those with a good existing credit rating who want to be able to receive good rewards for using their card. The APR and balance transfer rates which are offered are not particularly low, but there are no additional fees added to your balance, i.e. annual fees.

One response to “First Direct”

  1. Brendan Mcloughlin says:

    First Direct had a great thing going where you could do a balance transfer 0% for 6 months on the Gold card and then cancel that and do a 0% on the normal black card and repeat.

    However all credit to their IT system picking me up on the 4th iteration of this trick they decided that they were going to not offer me the huge 25k! limit they had offered me on the previous 3 loops of this but instead they would only give me 3k to stop me gaming the system.

    Huge limits available though if you don’t get a bad mark like I have 🙂

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