Egg is an internet bank and offers one card from Visa, the Egg card, serving up great introductory offers such as 0% on balance transfers for 5 months when the transfer is performed in certain months. The APR is nothing exceptional at 16.9%, but they offer great incentives like cash back, chances to win prizes and discounts on some services.

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  1. Sharon Saunders says:

    I like my Egg Money card. I get 1% cashback on everything I spend (although that is going to be reduced soon I think) and if I have a positive balance on the card then they pay be interest. It’s a bit like a bank account. They only gave me a credit limit of £1600 though.

    The Egg Money card is different to the Egg Card which has different rules entirely. Make sure you look at both the options – Egg Money and Egg Card.

    The Egg website is great too because you can set up all your bank details on there and make it easy to keep a track of your different accounts all through one website.

  2. Brendan Mcloughlin says:

    Egg was my first card, they are ok but pretty tight with limits compared to other cards. I like the fact it’s green. They shouldn’t have cut the cashback though because that is what prompted me to move to Morgan Stanley for my main spending card.

  3. Paul Maunders says:

    A few years ago Egg were great. I’m pretty sure they gave 1% cashback on all purchases, but nowadays it’s more like 0.1% which is pretty poor.

    They do have a good “money manager” tool that allows you to manage all your bank accounts in one secure application, and I think this is the main reason I have stayed with them. However, recently more providers have been offering a similar tool and so I might switch soon to one that gives me more cashback since I do all my spending on the card.

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