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CapitalOne Bank issues both Visa and MasterCard credit cards, and is suitable for those who have high and good credit ratings. They offer great rewards for travel, including airmiles, as well as other incentives like cash back. Their credit cards include rates for balance transfers and fixed low rate interest. These cards are generally for people with excellent credit who want to use cards with good offers on APR etc., but are mainly interested in the rewards they can get for using their card.

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  1. Alec H. Collier says:

    I would like to change my “User Name”
    and “Password”! How do I do this??
    How do I talk to a “live human being” about this or can I do this by e-mail???

  2. Justin Frank Brown says:

    I applied for a Capital One card and was accepted subject to providing proof of residence documents.

    I sent them off some time ago, but despite the Bank’s assurance to contact me within 7 days I have heard nothing since. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Please advise and email me:

  3. Brendan Mcloughlin says:

    I did have one of the highly coveted Capital One Circle Rebate cards which offered 1% cash back on all spending with a 10k limit.

    But when they wrote to me about my address not being right I stupidly argued the point with them and told them it was their dated copy of the Royal Mail PAF not my address that was wrong and they told me they were closing the card I haven’t been able to get it back since.

    The more I think about it the more I am upset about it, I don’t really like the Capital One brand in general because I think the card designs are a bit naff but the Circle Rebate card was a nice design and a real statement to any other credit card tarts when you flashed it.

  4. Chris Bower says:

    I have had a CapitalOne Circle card since 2002 (when the Egg card dropped 1% cashback to 0.5%). I pay it off in full every month so never pay interest charges. I use it for all my company travelling expenses as well as all normal purchases and accrued a cashback of over £350 this year. Just one criticism: the limit is quite low (half the Egg card limit) and you can easily overspend it at which point the penalty charges kick in with a vengeance. But once bitten twice shy – I now top up the account in advance if I know I am likely to be going on an expensive trip.
    Unlike others, I seem to pay no annual charge but maybe I was lucky to get in early. Even so, £18 p.a. would be insignificant alongside the cashback gains available. I have not seen a better deal than this – Amex is not universally accepted and many other cards are on a limited time or cashback cap. Get one if you can…

  5. Mina says:

    Capital One wanted me to send proof of address after I moved house, I have been their customer for years and now I’ll have to wait a month until I get a bill on my name at the new home, send it away, wait another month probably, I’m not impressed.

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