AMEX differs from Visa and MasterCard in that it is a direct issuer, rather than being an association of member banks. However, American Express does have member banks that issue their cards for them, meaning that AMEX credit cards are much more accessible.

American Express has typically been associated with the wealthy, exemplified by their unadvertised black card which is offered directly to customers who meet certain criteria. However, they now have cards for everyone, offering their customers many rewards and incentives for usage. They mainly specialise in benefits for travellers, including automatic flight insurance and baggage protection if you use the credit card to buy a flight ticket. Their recent ‘blue card’ is one of the most popular on the market due to it’s extensive list of offers, including no annual fees, cash back on most purchases and online

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  1. David Waine says:

    On Dom’s comment. The blue card rate is tiered so it gives 0.5% on amounts up to £3500 and 1% on amounts over that. Applications are not being taken at the moment as Amex is promoting the platinum moneyback credit card.

    On Brendan’s comment. Credit cards have a limit, but charge cards and corporate cards don’t. The financial information on the account is reviewed to give an idea of how much the holder can afford to repay. If they appear to be spending more than they can afford to repay, Amex may request further details to demonstrate that persons ability to pay back the amounts on the card before allowing further payments through.

    Amex is working to increase merchant uptake. Superdrug and Sony Centres now take Amex for example.

  2. Dom Mcdowell says:

    I used to have the Amex Blue Card which paid an amazing 2% cashback on all purchases for 6 months and then reduced to 1%. It was a really good offer and I earned about £100 cashback in 1 year. That’s very good for doing nothing.

    But then it reduced to only 0.5% cashback and I cancelled the card because it was not accepted in many places at all. Mastercard and Visa are better bets.

  3. Brendan Mcloughlin says:

    I have a corporate AMEX card and it is good for collecting air miles.

    As with all AMEX cards they are not accepted everywhere because the merchant fees are so high but as a card user it is always best to use them where you can especially if the business you are buying from doesn’t levy a surcharge!

    They have a strange way of setting credit limits by saying they don’t exist. I am sure they must have a limit but I haven’t found it yet.

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