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Abbey National Provides balance transfer credit cards or flat rate ones, which offer one interest rate no matter how you use it. They issue either MasterCard or Visa credit cards.

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  1. Charlie Jones says:

    I have to agree with Katie, Customer Service with the Abbey National is rubbish. They might have great offers but it’s really not worth the headache. None of the advisors seem to know what they are talking about and you get passed from pillar to post if you have any issues. My advice to anyone out there is to avoid them like the plague!!!

  2. Katie Smyth says:

    Abbey make some good offers but the actual customer service is rubbish! I ditched my account within 6 months of opening it.

  3. Carrie Kimber says:

    Abbey credit card customer service is absolutly disgraceful!! I have wrote 3 complaint letters regarding them not taking my direct debit and so them putting this on my credit report! Even though the direct debit has been set up for over a year – also then crediting and debiting my account willy nilly! They promised to update me with the progress of my complaint.. this never happened. I was promised a phone call after phone call… again never happened!! Avoid Abbey!!! They may geive good offers but it all comes at a price! One star is way too much them!!

  4. kathryn says:

    I had the same problem with them not taking my direct debit in July and October 2007 and then charging me late fees and interest then refusing to refund them. I called customer service and got absolutely nowhere so decided to write. I have written 2 letters of complaint (never done this b4 in my life), got a reply 2 months later saying they would refund them. Well they only refunded one in the December. Eventually the 2nd late fee was refunded in Feb 2008, and only after many calls to the customer service dept!!!! Customer Service is the worst I have ever experienced. Been hung up on, even though I have never raised my voice was always polite, as I work in a call centre myself so know what its like! I have been told the late fee was refunded on 4 occasions and it never was! Clearly just fobbing me off to get me off the call. Shocking attitudes from everyone I spoke to… Clearly hating their jobs!! I have been doing the balance transfer switch to get 0% for a few years now; every other card company I have used is far superior to Abbey National!!! WARNING DO NOT APPLY!!!!!

  5. laura says:

    I agree with everyone about the direct debit same thing happened to me… Customer Service is a joke. I am a very happy calm person who has been left angry frustrated and nothing has been resolved… I am writing tonight to close my credit card account… As I have been on hold for over 15 mins to the retentions dept!!! ARRRRRRRGGGGGGG

  6. Dan says:

    I have been waiting almost 2 months to get £1000 that should be refunded to me by Abby National Credit Card. There customer service team including supervisors and management are incapable of handling or resolving the problem. My Abby branch who sold me the credit card insist they can not help as well.

    The only way I can get round their inability to amend the problem is to threaten them with court action. I would strongly recommend that customers look elsewhere than the Abby.

  7. Rachel says:

    I’ve never had such bad customer service as I have experienced with Abbey and their credit card. As I type I’m on hold to the cancellation dept – 26 mins and counting! Would never recommend them to anyone again.

  8. k m robertson says:

    I wanted to move funds between two accounts in the same name within Abbey, but they wouldn’t let me unless I showed them a statement from each account…!! How crazy is that – because we need to see proof of ownership of the accounts…. OK they are cautious, and that is commendable to protect our savings, but for God’s sake (a) I wasn’t wanting the money out of Abbey – I was simply moving it within Abbey, and (b) the accounts were in the same name – so I wasn’t trying to defraud anyone as the receiving account was owned by the same people as the giving account….!! It’s time the counter staff were given a little brains, to work things out away from the script that they are all told to follow – wouldn’t do to help the customers now would it…???

  9. Tina Sullivan says:

    The Abbey took over £5000 in error out of our current account with the Halifax, that was two months ago and even after endless calls to complaints dep, credit card customer services etc we still have not got our money back, their customer service is appalling and I have been hung up on and been left waiting for 58 mins… Don’t get an Abbey Card. The one star rating is too high.

  10. lovelyday says:

    I am an abbey employee and can only too well relate to the problems people have as I also have my accounts with them eek. Although can I just add that we try our very hardest to deliver the best customer service we can (i work in the call centre) with the limited support we receive from central administration and the powers that be. I have been there 5 years and most of the problems people face are due to the migration of all customers onto santanders new system. This makes it very frustrating for us as well when we would love nothin more than to resolve all customer queries effiently but cannot always do this because we dont know what is wrong with the system at the time. Also to the poster regarding the same name transfer, although the branch staff cause me more hassle than enough believe me, i feel i should support them in saying it is not about them having brains or following a script. Abbey have a set policy regarding ID for moving money between abbey accounts and if the staff are found to not follow this to the mark they WILL be in breach of customer security procedures and lose their jobs. They have to earn money too at the end of the day and cant just ignore abbeys policies to suit customers. Although both accounts are in your name, there have been past instances where a fraudster has had card access to a second account and not the first and so has attempted to move money into this account in order to steal it. I feel that it is prudent of abbey to request proof of ownership when it comes to moving money around. Please dont always think that if we cannot do something its just because we want to annoy people for the sake of it. Believe me it would be much easier for us just to do everything asked of us without asking for all the additional ID and get our queues down quicker. If it helps in future to be prepared – to move money between abbey accounts you need proof of ownership of both, ie card for each account or statement, plus an additional form of photographic ID – passport or full UK driving licence. I hope everyone gets the probs they are having sorted out, it makes me quite embarrassed to see people so disappointed in our service

  11. stephen cCroft says:

    Abbey Credit Card
    I have been in dispute for almost 2 years with Abbey Credit Card over late payment and interest charges they applied to my account after failing to apply the direct debit in full each month that I requested when setting up the account. I repaid in full all amounts spent on the card and the balance they claim outstanding is for late payment and interest charge thereon.
    I made dozens of phone calls and sent many letters and finally refered the matter to the financial Ombudsman a few months ago. The case is still under their consideration.
    I continue to get harassing letters and phone calls (normally around 7pm in the evening ) even although they are aware that the matter is with the Financial Ombudsman. I have informed their collection Dept by phone and letter and still the harassing call and letters threatening my credit score continue!
    The final Insult.
    On 24th Dec 08 Abbey Credit Card deducted £32.96 from my Abbey Bank E-Saver account without any authority from me or notice to me.
    This is fraudulent and amounts to theft!
    I have written to Abbey Bank (copies to Financial ombudsman) lets see what happens.
    Hopefully there are better banks than Abbey out there as their help line are useless even when you manage to get through to them.

  12. Kim says:

    They are dreadful. You can’t make payments over the phone, you can’t change address without going into a branch. At the branch they won’t give you a balance – even though you can get it on the phone – and won’t let you change address without a passport. When you try to cancel the card they lie and say retentions aren’t open. Then you have to hold forever. I gave up, over paid by one pound on the card and they can send a statement saying they owe me a pound to my old address for 1000 years as far as I am concerned.

  13. slava chima says:

    bunch of theives. One day you will pay. what goes around must come back. I hope you all suffer. All you do is take money from the poor. Shame on you

  14. Peter Tancock says:

    This service is impossible. Forget it.

  15. cowgirl says:

    I have a zero credit card. For the last month or so I have been unable to log onto it online – an essetial function for me for all banking that I hold. I can’t check transactions etc . I have phoned them three times now complaining. Each time I am told it is a problem with certain cards and that it is being sorted out. The initial 24hours I was given passed with no change. Two subsiquent calls confirmed that dates etc were just pie in the sky. I am supposed to get a call on Monday advising why I still can’t access my account despite Friday being the day it was supposed to have been sorted out. I have had numerous promises broken and have advised them I will no longer use the card until the problems have been sorted out. As if they care anyway……… I am now concerned that their taking over Alliance + Leicester will show similar problems as I use that account to run the household bills. My Abbey bank account + E saver appear ok but only because I control it all on the net and the local branch (I always go to a smaller one in Leighton Buzzard,) are still relating to customers even if everytime I go in there I over hear other customers constantly complaining. I only gave one star because the sytem doesn’t allow you to leave it blank!!!

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